The Landbell Group is the leading supplier

of service and consulting for global environmental and chemical compliance. It is our aim to reduce the complexity related to extended product responsibility for producers and manufacturers further product- and packaging-related requirements and to provide them with the most competitive solutions.

We make it easy for our customers

to comply with their legal obligations. We offer takeback/collection systems for various waste flows, comprehensive services and consulting as well as respective software solutions from a single source. It is always Landbell’s aspiration to offer the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions by carefully selecting its waste management partners.

We distinguish ourselves by internationality.

Established as a dual system in Germany in the year of 1995 Landbell Group has developed into an international central point of contact for take-back/collection and recycling services. As a full-range supplier, we facilitate your market entry and make compliance a secondary matter for you so that you can fully focus on your core business. Today we engage in activities for our customers in 30 countries throughout Europe and organise, in a cross-border and country-specific manner, all legal take-back/collection obligations at competitive prices.

Landbell Group – Engineering Circular Economy





The Landbell Group organises the take-back/collection and the recycling of product and packaging waste for industry and commerce at a transnational level. It is our objective to return valuable resources as secondary raw material into economic circulation and thereby conserve natural resources.

Everyone in Europe who puts products and packaging on the market is under the legal obligation to organise and finance, at the end of their service life, their take-back/collection and proper disposal (extended product responsibility).

With Landbell, manufacturers and dealers are on the safe side. We relieve you of your legal obligations by organising, on your behalf, the collection, sorting and recycling of products and packaging jointly with waste management enterprises.

It does not play any role for us whether EU regulations or different national legislations are concerned – we know the legal requirements for every kind of waste flow and have the right solution.

The Landbell Group operates 32 take-back/collection systems worldwide and, up to now, has managed the collection of more than 2.5 million tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment, more than 7.0 million tons of packaging and more than 37,000 tons of used batteries towards environmental recycling.

Service & Consulting

We provide our customers with comprehensive services and consulting. With more than 20 years of experience and 170 experts, we provide producers, manufacturers and dealers with easy solutions for complying with their extended product responsibility across the national borders.

Based on our comprehensive know-how of the complex requirements at European, national and local levels, we prepare an individual detailed consultancy proposal for you and implement it with you. In this process, we always ensure the highest transparency and a comprehensive report to clarify and reduce the complexity for your environmental compliance.

Producers, Manufacturers and dealers are confronted with more and more complex requirements within the framework of the product- and packaging-related environmental and chemicals legislation. Extending from questions of law of contract, to registration and notification of volumes, as well as to product labelling and comprehensive outsourcing solutions, we work with you to ensure a successful implementation.

We make sure that worldwide acting producers and manufacturers meet their legal requirements in their respective market, we break down all the bureaucratic barriers. With Landbell you can rest assured that you always meet all product- and packaging-related requirements.


Whether you are a producer of goods, a compliance scheme, a stewardship organisation, a waste operator, a producer registry or a coordination body you are faced with the challenge of increasing compliance complexity. Our suite of digital solutions provides each participant in the circular economy loop with the tool to deliver in a simpler, secure, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We provide

  • take back transaction management, supply chain management, automatic pick-up allocation, traceability, reporting and financial management
  • compliance obligation management, including report generation and customer invoicing
  • financial solutions to support compliance and take-back activities

Our customer base is global. Our software is available for multiple regulations, languages and currencies.


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